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candy bunny by RebbleDiamonds candy bunny :iconrebblediamonds:RebbleDiamonds 2 2
You build yourself up to be a scientific masterpiece,
Like a jaw-dropping model to a molecular level
Not stopping until you are a replica of your own hypotheses,
Like you sold your God-given body to the man-made devil
You want to be pleasing to all eyes and observations,
Like your body and face are ones to be tested
While I am searching for a reasonable explanation,
Like your want for love or your need for acceptance
You think all there is to happiness is beauty and wealth
Like a key to life’s door, both before and after
All I really see is just a cry for help
That you hide with your smiles, and you hide with your laughter
:iconrebblediamonds:RebbleDiamonds 2 0
Will Graham
“People don’t see reality, Will. People only see a version of reality that their eyes project them through. What do you see, Will?”
“I see myself taking the life of Abigail Hobbs.”
“And do you believe in what you see?”
His voice was shaking. It cracked on the word. “Yes.”
“Did you kill Abigail Hobbs?”
A chill washed over Will Graham as he finally said, “Yes.” He whispered it to himself, the words wimping quietly out of his chapped lips.“I killed Abigail Hobbs.”

Staring into nothing, seeing nothing but what his eyes led him to believe, he picked himself up and ran for the door, fumbling to even get it open. He left his car behind and darted in the rain, his crystal eyes filled with madness. His dense mind, polluted with flashing scenes of himself as a murderer, a cold-blooded killer. He killed killers for a living. He might as well have killed himself.
The raindrops grew bigger
:iconrebblediamonds:RebbleDiamonds 2 3
How to Be Good at Writing
Just write.
:iconrebblediamonds:RebbleDiamonds 1 2
Ch. 29 - Dried Ink
I was about to make my day end when I buried myself under the green sheets that belonged my brother Yousef's bed. "You're going to sleep here?"
"Why?" Wordlessly, I heard the light switch click and saw lights die down to black. It was around 5 o'clock in the morning, and now it's roughly about 5:50. I closed my eyes and tried to do what I wanted to do all night—end my day. I could've at about midnight, but Omar urged me to stay, playing a computer game with him.
I close my eyes and try to sleep again because I know that when I wake up, whatever it is will get better, but the door was wide open, and I could hear Omar playing the computer game and sounds of an iPod Touch coming from Yousef. I get up and softly shut it, killing the only streak of light the was entering the room, and then it was completely dark and quiet. I get out of the room again.
"Can't sleep?" Omar asks, not even looking at me but at his computer screen.
Without a word, I head for the laptop with a sav
:iconrebblediamonds:RebbleDiamonds 0 0
Ch. 28 - Ugly Dresses
Everyone was sitting, quite happy that they're alive and all together, but in the depths of the jovial moods and happy feelings laid a hint of treachery and paranoia that they'd force themselves to ignore and shove to the very back of their minds. They've all had thoughts of killing one another, just for the sake of keeping themselves safe. Rifle thought of killing Derek. Derek thought of killing Mark. Mark thought of killing Ugine, Ugine thought of killing Taylor and so on.
They knew it very well, indeed.
"How do you like my dress?!" Acotas struts as if her one-floor apartment is a glorious runway show. Her dress was revealing, short and flowy. It was a gaudy mess of purple sequence and cheap fabric. Acotas hasn't changed a bit.
This was the 5th dress she's shown them, and she was hoping for the very same feedback for each one.
"It's beautiful, I wish I could see more," Taylor said, sounding like she couldn't endure one more sight of one more dress.
"Yes, please show us!" Derek also p
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Ch. 27 - Finish Lines
"Rifle? Rifle wake up." It was the sound of a pleading little girl. In fact, the sound was exactly that. Her voice was rather odd, but only because the nasty feeling unweaving inside of her refused to sound like her usual self at all. She sounded weak, scared and did nothing but turn to the potential comfort of her sleeping big brother.
Xia's eyes were glistening and watery, and streaks of those very tears worked their way down to her chin. The morning was quiet as everybody else was resting, unaware of anything and everything but their simple fairytale dreams. She tried once more, whispering in a form of prayer, but wishing she could speak louder. "Rifle," She tried to nudge his arm a little more than just tenderly. "Rifle, please."
Rifle started to toss and turn on the couch, moaning unpleasantly. Xia's face attempted to light up at that moment. "What, what is it?" He rubbed his eyes, but they still remained shut; although Xia would like for him to open them right about now. "Rifle,
:iconrebblediamonds:RebbleDiamonds 0 0
Ch. 26 - Wyoming
Don't sleep, Derek. You're going to crash the jet and kill everyone Derek. Don't sleep.

He closed his eyes and opened them with consistency, but for sure, his mind was completely drained. "Race? How long have I been flying this thing?" He took a big yawn and looked at the Pilot 2 seat. "Race?"
He was found curled up into his seat breathing heavily. Snoring. Derek pushed the autopilot button, unfastened his seat belt and went back with the others to find someone that was awake.
He looked at the columns and rows of seats, most of which were empty, to look for his friends—most of which had their eyes shut.
Silver was wide awake.
"Hey, Silver."
"Hey—um—Derek, right?"
"Right." He smiled "hey listen, how long have I been flying this thing?"
"It's around 3 AM in the morning," she replied "so I'm guessing about…I'm not quite sure."
"It's alright. So why are you awake?"
She looked down at her journal, and then at her broken leg, and then at Mark, who was also f
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Ch. 25 - Jets in the Air
Legs were being paced back and forth. Back and forth. Laces of the shoes hit the ground, causing the aglets to make little noises. "Odds. Standards. Place Standards? Okay, okay, okay. Object holder, Hell. Odds. Wait! Standards! What was the standard number?" Taylor rubbed her eyes in frustration, but kept pacing. "Alright," spoke Rifle. His voice was stern. So stern, in fact, it struck calmness into Taylor's heart. It caused her to sit down and rest those pacing legs of hers. "We have to write this all down," Ugine suggested. Without another word, Taylor handed Ugine a writing utensil and a paper. "How many did we begin with?" He asked. Everyone grouped around him like this was some scene. They peeked over his shoulder, eyes widened. Truth is, they were all just a little bit scared, and for their very own reasons as well. "Four," Taylor squinted. "I think it's five," Race corrected. "You must've missed out Acotas."
Ugine scribbled on the page. Next question. "Alright, who
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Ch. 24 - Focus.
He looked like every ounce of blood had been drained to the very pit of his fingertips. His face was pale, there was ringing in his ears. Oh the terrible, terrible ringing. He had to cry. He had to, and he did. He wanted to say something; he even opened his mouth to say it. But he choked on his own words.This is a dream, he thought This is a horrible, horrible dream. His pain felt like his flesh had been ripped apart from the sharpest of teeth of a lion. Slowly, slowly. It was the worst kind of pain he had ever indulged. "I guess we'll just give you some time alone," Rifle said, cueing everyone to leave as well.
The love of his life, gone for an absolute immortal amount of time. Soon her body would decay and be turned into useless dirt and soil. Could he possibly take it?
They were all out and heard silence, if silence were something to be heard. Just moments after that, sound waves of banging chairs and screaming reached their ears. They all exchanged glances. Should
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Ch. 23 - My Name is Carlos.
Looking as fresh as spring blossoms and more confident than the pure masterminds of poker, they threw on their smiles, waved a goodbye and headed right out the door.
"Hey, can I drive?" Taylor asked rather pleasantly. But then there was that smile. Her lips were angled to that precise curve. That smile appears on Taylor only when she was either lying, hiding something or anything in between. It was probably the most popular thing about her, but everyone was blinded by their clean new haircuts to assume the worst. "Sure," Rifle threw the keys to her. When all doors were closed, "Take us to the hospital, Taylor," Derek said with enthusiasm neighboring his words. "You got it," she returned, attempting to replicate that very tone and there was that smile again.
No one noticed. Taylor didn't know whether to be glad or angry, but it was okay. They'd have to find out and bring her back to her senses eventually.
"Are you sure this is the way?" Jaeline asked, concerned. "I don't remember passin
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Knowledge is a Gift. by RebbleDiamonds Knowledge is a Gift. :iconrebblediamonds:RebbleDiamonds 3 8 Trickle After Trickle. by RebbleDiamonds Trickle After Trickle. :iconrebblediamonds:RebbleDiamonds 4 4 The Curious Little Boy by RebbleDiamonds The Curious Little Boy :iconrebblediamonds:RebbleDiamonds 2 3
Ch. 22 - Don't Cry.
Optimism can sometimes kill a person. Literally.
They thought that everything was going to get better and things were going to be fine with Rifle's seemingly excellent training.
Ha. Mark's injury was only the beginning.
Bless their poor little souls.
They suffered hardships, injuries, and privations. Yes, nothing really new here, but all of this was taken to a higher level that will soon touch the sky if it goes any further. To their fortune, approximately two and a half months have passed and Optimism didn't kill anybody.
At least not yet.

They all looked different these past few months. All had rings of a deep color under their eyes and looked unattractively older. Each was harrier than the other, even the girls. They've lost every ounce of their energy and for what? All to save a stranger named Hell.
Rifle was driving unenthusiastically down the road. He was sleep deprived, and hearing everyone sharing their snores made the poor man envois. Until something caught his eye.
:iconrebblediamonds:RebbleDiamonds 1 9
Dear 2073,
You never see them anymore, except in pictures.
You never feel them anymore, unless if your hands are touching plastic.
Take a wild guess.
They stood great, tall and wonderful. It was the mannequin of nature, modeling the best clothes for all seasons.
The wind wisps away its earthy scent to the atmosphere, along with its greenery. Thus, making it sway and dace ever so gracefully.
Its massive trunk of a beautiful brown, so strong and rigid may be stronger and taller than anything that ever walks on this earth. It seems like it could go one forever. So much, in fact, that your neck would ache with pain as you look up at its greatness. Creatures twirl in in curvy lines around its wrinkly, warm texture. Little leafy structures bloom, marking the end of each of the trunk's vessels.
They recover in Spring.
Be hard to ignore in Summer.
Turn shades of a lazy sunset in Autumn.
And bare naked in Winter.
Colors as equally amazing as a rainbow, heights of Earth's skyscrapers.
Still nothing?
:iconrebblediamonds:RebbleDiamonds 7 17
:star: Comment.
:star: Watch.
:star: Fav.
:star: Enjoy.

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